Wholesale Screen Printing Prices

As a contract screen printer, the very first question that we always get from our customers is about our pricing.  We do things differently that other contract screen printers, we publish our price on the web for everyone who is interested to see.  Here is our philosophy on this ...

We believe that our competitors don't publish pricing because they want to maximize the money that they can get by speaking with you, feeling you out and then giving you a price level that they believe they can get from your company, i.e. typical selling tactics.  We think a lot of companies operate this way and frankly we don't have a problem with it, if you are in business you need to make money and we get that.  We choose to approach pricing conversations with our customers differently.  We're open about it.  Interesting concept don't you think ?

We publish fair and reasonable prices and we don't negotiate and every wholesale account receives the exact same price list.  We don't mind if our competitors see our prices or download them and copy them, because we've done the math, and these are the prices that we need to receive in order to operate and we would rather spend our time discussing how awesome we can make your artwork look for your clients, than to spend time negotiating with you over 5% of this or 10% of that etc ...  Our competitors may get more or less, and that's good for them, but these prices are what work for us and our customers and that's how we roll.